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No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

This No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe is one of the most delicious desserts. The cake takes no time at all to whip up, is so simple and easy to make and doesn’t require an oven which makes it perfect to get kids involved. Add your own spin with nuts or fruit or keep it as is!

You may have had your version of this easy peasy cake, as i fits into every home considering how quick & hassle-free it is to make. So, I present to you all my take on this lazy daisy cake. I hope you all enjoy it.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe Ingredients-

🔺Ülker Biscuits (2 packs)

🔺Walnuts (1/2 cup)

🔺Milk (1 1/4 cup)

🔺Cocoa Powder (1/2 cup)

🔺Sugar (3 tbsp)

🔺Dream Whip (1sachet)

🔺Butter (3 Cubes)

🔺DCC (1/2 cup)

For the Ganache

🔺DCC (300g)

🔺Heavy cream (250ml)

Instructions- How to Make Chocolate Biscuit Cake

  1. Break two packs of biscuits into bits.

  2. Add walnuts to the biscuit & toss them.

  3. In a pan/pot add milk, sugar, cocoa powder, dream whip, butter & cook on slow heat until it reaches to a boil.

  4. Turn off heat & Add 1/2 cup chopped DCC & allow to melt.

  5. While the mix is hot pour it over biscuit walnut mixture. Toss the mixture well to ensure everything is well combined.

  6. Transfer the mixture to a tray and cover with a cling film.

  7. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours.

  8. Melt DCC & pour over the cold cake. Once it’s set, gently flip the cake.

  9. Make the ganache & pour over the cake and coat it well.

  10. Sprinkle some walnuts or pistachios or you can leave it by itself.

  11. Enjoy 🍽

  12. Bon Appetite

Video Tutorial

Watch the video below for step by step instructions for how to make Delicious No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake for Dessert! https://youtu.be/-V9cemnqIPY

NOTE- You can add 1 tbsp of Instant Coffee while making the Chocolate Sauce for the biscuits.

Common Questions about this Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe-

Can I use Digestive or Marie Biscuit?

Yes! Well, That’s what it is all about. No stressing over on a particular choice, go ahead with whatever best-suitable biscuit you have on hand. I did mention in the beginning that you must have had your version, but we all need the variety in our foods, So here it is—- 😀

Can I make this into a log or slice?

Yes definitely! You can pour the cake mixture into any kind of pan or tin you would like or use baking paper to shape into more of a log. You can as well halve the recipe if you would like to make a smaller amount.

Can I add other ingredients?

Yes, that's what makes this recipe so great! You can add anything else you would like or have on hand. Nuts and dried fruit work incredibly well in this recipe. & As mentioned in the Notes above, Coffee will enhance the flavor too.

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